Hand care

My new favourite place to go to is Sallys. I love that they sell black hair products and have a wide range of nail products.
My recent purchases include Nina Ultra Pro top coat polish, Skin Truth hand lotion and OrigiNails Bubble White nail cleaner. I’ve not tried any of these products before but I was desperate for a new top coat polish and lotion.

I usually use the Sally Hansen top coat, but tried the. Nina Ultra Pro which is a lot cheaper – £3.98 and has a thick brush for easy application. The other bonus is that it’s fast drying and works just as well as the more expensive top coats.

The hand lotion I bought is an Orange blossom and Rosemary scent and has a light texture. I like this as it doesn’t feel greasy, but I do have to apply it quite regularly. This is probably more suited for the summer, but I’ll be looking for a thicker lotion that hydrates my skin more as we approach winter.

I’m keeping my nails clear at the moment and applying a Boots own Nail Growth Activator, so I’ll be posting a before and after shot in a few months to see if this works.

As I always wear nail polish I thought I’d try the Bubble White cleaner. This works just the same as adding bath salts to water and hence the name ‘bubble’ – it does just that. You place your hands in the warm water solution to soak for 5 minutes. I did actually notice a slight difference and my nails did look whiter. However, unless your nails are quite stained from polish, I don’t think a big difference is noticeable. However, a nice little ‘pick me up’ for your nails, and can also be used for your toenails. image



Apologies as I’ve not posted for a while- but I’ve got some new products I’d like to tell you guys about and looking forward to trying new things for Autumn and Winter!

On one of my many visits to Boots, I purchased the pictured Botanics products which happened to be on offer.

I’ve been wanting a facial toner spray for a while – so thought I’d give the Rosewater Toning Spritz a try.
I’ve been using this for a week now after using the foaming cleanser. It really refreshes the skin after a day of wearing make-up or just when you have an oily complexion.

After spritzing my face I wipe away the excess away using a cosmetic cotton pad. This removes any remaining grease or make up left on the skin. It definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and non-oily.

As an organic product it’s great if you have sensitive skin.

As I prefer products that prevent oily ness and shine, I also went for the Mattifying Cleansing Mousse shine away.

The gentle foam consistency feels light and only a small amount is required. I definitely feel a change in my skin after using.

If you enjoy taking care of your skin I would recommend using products in this range, so let me know if you’ve tried any other Botanics products and your thoughts!


Nivea Refreshing Toner

I like to use a toner during the summer to refresh my skin, so I purchased this a long with the Nivea day cream from Superdrug.

I apply this using a cotton pad once I’ve removed my makeup and have washed my face. It feels cool and helps to maintain a clear complexion.

I don’t find this an essential part of my facial regime, but an added bonus doing hot weather when my skin is feeling oily.image

Nivea Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream

I’ve had difficulty finding a light, non greasy face cream. I’ve tried Nivea products before and found them quite thick and oily, but I’m a big fan of this day cream. I purchased this oil free moisturiser from Superdrug.
It’s very light but still hydrates the skin enough and has a really refreshing feel and smell. My skin is generally oily- especially during the summer, so this is perfect.

Let me know if you’ve tried this or other day creams you recommend.
I’m now considering completing my facial regime by adding a night face cream.